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Payal Parida


Payal Parida is a dancer, choreographer and student, who is currently going into her third year studying dance and entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She has performed at various venues, including the Konark Music & Dance Festival in Orissa in 2017. Payal is also a college ambassador for South Asian Productions, a financial advisor for a non-profit organization, We Are Queens, and has also taught/choreographed at her University as well as at her local dance studio, Steps Dance Center. Payal’s goal as an artist is to make a positive impact with her work, while also fighting for more diversity in the arts as a South Asian woman.
Other than dancing, Payal can also sing and act. She was involved in chorus for 6+ years along with musical theater for 4+ years. Her love for the performing arts is immeasurable, but she also loves to cook, binge Netflix, and spend time with her family and friends!

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