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Sruthi Sudesh Kumar


I had the honor of learning “Bharatnatyam” (a major form of Indian classical dance), at the young age of 5 and that has surely been my foundation. As a child, I was always found standing in front of the TV, moving my hips to old Bollywood tracks. I’m a huge fan of Madhuri Dixit (an Indian actor known for dancing and acting skills); her dance has played a significant role in my want to dance.

Having been to RSU DC ( Ram’s Step Up Dance Company, Hyderabad) as a student from a very young age, there has been no looking back for me. I went on to establish myself as a Dance Instructor at the same studio for about 7.5 years during which I also completed my Zumba certification. With dance came along the values of discipline, commitment and work ethic. As an instructor I always have ensured to understand the body language, style and interest of a student, and have molded and guided several students to go along with any core style that suits them. I was also offered the opportunity to train and work under Mr.Shaimak Davar himself.

In Nashville, I worked at RB School of Dance for 7 months, where my motive was to spread Indian culture through Dance!

I’m trained in Bollywood Freestyle dancing and Zumba which can be applied to numerous dance forms. It is literally like thinking on your feet! As a dancer, I’m grateful for an opportunity to teach the importance of being part of something larger than oneself.”

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