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Ambieca Saha

Kathak Instructor

A prominent accomplished Kathak dancer from India, Ambieca is known for her captivating stage presence and uninhibited abhinaya. Her extensively traditional presentations reflect centuries of technical refinement in the art as it has evolved from temples to the modern theatre. She has performed for various world dignitaries and thousands of audiences in USA, Europe, South East Asia and India. She engages the audience through various styles – solos, duets, group presentations, lectures and demonstrations. An Electrical Engineer from University of Illinois and a Finance Graduate from Harvard University, she is one of the few artists who successfully combined two parallel careers, and one of the even fewer in this side of the world.
She started her training under her first Guru, Nrityashri Alaknanda, from whom she learnt to love dance as though it were human, to feel its all-encompassing beauty, to be free and fearless, to center herself within body and mind. After 13 years of primary training, she joined her second Guru, the legendary exponent Guru Rani Khanam, to further her training. She learnt the essence of dance and the ability to understand the intricate relationship of the body to the space that surrounds it. When she moved to the US, the distance from her Guru and cultural roots ironically brought her even closer to dance. She began cultural tours with her Guru, performing at prestigious national and international events and festivals to spread awareness of the rich Indian culture across the globe. Her riveting performances in Singapore and various cities across Europe and US, where Bharatnatyam rules the roost as far as Indian classical dance forms are concerned, won her acclaim and fans quickly.
When asked what dance means to her, she says “Dance is my identity – it is what has taken me up, brought me down and given me the buffer between the rise and fall to realize things I can do in the middle. When I perform it is seva of the audience – a selfless expression of creativity which doesn’t give me anything tangible in return but so much unmeasurable satisfaction.”

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