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Sarim Zaidi


Meet Sarim Zaidi, a 33-year-old dancer with a passion for movement and self-expression. With 13 years of self-taught dance experience and 5 years of professional training at The Dance Network(TDN) in Santa Barbara, Sarim Zaidi has honed his skills in Hip Hop and Bollywood styles. As a member of the senior hip hop company at TDN, Sarim Zaidi has had the opportunity to perform in 7 shows at theaters across Santa Barbara and participate in events as an entertainer in Montecito, California.

Not only is Sarim Zaidi an accomplished dancer, but he has also shown his talent as a choreographer, creating dynamic pieces for college dance competitions and corporate events and has won 2 intercollege dance competitions in India. In addition to his expertise in hip hop, Sarim Zaidi has also choreographed and taught Bollywood dance for an Indian wedding in Santa Barbara along with another member of the senior dance company.

While dancing is a passion for Sarim Zaidi, he also has a successful career as a software engineer. Currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at Doordash in Seattle, Sarim Zaidi is able to balance his love for dance with his professional endeavors. With his diverse background and love for the arts, Sarim Zaidi is a dynamic performer who always brings energy and authenticity to the stage..

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