Meet Our Team

Varan Singh Rakhra

Bhangra Workshop Instructor

Varan Singh Rakhra is our Bhangra instructor at RDC. has been a part of the competitive Bhangra scene for the past 11 years. From dancing at over 20 competitions to organizing various schools and fitness centers, he has developed a deep understanding of the intricacies of stage performance, technical execution, creativity, and the folk element of the dance. He performed with several top teams, from 2007 to 2012, at some of the nation’s highest-profile competitions. He’s particularly known for dancing with #PCBCA, #SFBC, and #DCB. Although he left the competitive Bhangra scene as a dancer, he continues to teach and judge Bhangra and other dance forms all around North America and internationally. He has judged Championship of Bhangra, Bhangra Down Under, Bhangra in the Burgh, Motor City Bhangra, Buckeye Bhangra, Elite Bhangra, West Coast Bhangra, Naach Di Cleveland, Las Vegas Mela, and Clutch City Bhangra. Varan enjoys teaching intermediate/advanced Bhangra at RDC!

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